Stain Protection

Chem-Dry will help create that invisible barrier against stains

Why Chem-Dry Protectant™

Over time and with regular wear, factory applied stain resistants will experience a reduction in effectiveness. After approximately 200 vacuumings, much of the factory protection is lost.

Chem-Dry PowerHead

Unprotected carpets and fabrics will:-

  • Absorb spills quickly
  • Contain no barriers to keep stains becoming a permanent part of your carpets fibres

Wine Stain

Chem-Dry Protectant provides an invisible barrier against most dirt and stains, refreshs the performance of stain resistant carpets and fortifies its ability to resist soiling and staining. 


Repel Protectant

Chem-Dry Repel Protectant leads the industry in repelling most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before staining can occur. Repel Protectant can be applied to all types of carpets as it forms a invisible shield around each carpet fibre. This shield increases the surface tension of the carpet fibres, causing them to repel liquid spills, dust and dirt. This helps prevent dirt and stains from being ground in or absorbed by the carpet fibre.



The benefits of carpet protection:-

  • Prevent dirt and stains from being absorbed by the carpet fibres
  • Provide an invisible barrier which gives you a fighting chance
  • Refresh the performance of stain resistant carpets
  • Re-protection is far cheaper than buying a new carpet
  • Protects your long-term investments
  • Is safe for you and your animals

Prevention is better than cure

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