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Don't Forget Your Curtains - Chem-Dry Can Clean Them While They Hang

Chem-Dry Harrogate, York and Leeds doesn't just provide superior carpet & upholstery cleaning services, as a market leader within our industry we are uniquely placed to offer you a range of other speciality cleaning services such as curtain cleaning.

Don't Hang Around

Chem-Dry can clean your curtains while they hangCaring for your curtains and protecting your investment requires a professional curtain cleaning service. The fabric traps dust and grease from the air which dulls the colour and leaves an odour in the air. Curtains act like a filter, trapping airborne pollution that comes into your home from outside and the most effective way to remove this is with a high-quality curtain cleaning service.

In the majority of cases, curtains can be cleaned while hanging to ensure you suffer no disruption. We utilise high-powered and modern extraction machines to remove the most amount of dust soil and pollution during the curtain cleaning process. We employ specialist curtain dry cleaning solutions.

Curtain fabrics and styles vary greatly. In order to ensure proper cleaning and treatment, it is possible that an on-site evaluation is required to prepare a no-obligation quote.

Chem-Dry's state-of-the-art curtian cleaning equipment

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