Commercial Services Testimonials

Providing exceptional standards of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and service provision to our commercial clients is at the very core of Chem-Dry's overall service offering. To highlight Chem-Dry's expertise in managing various commercial businesses requirements, we have highlighted some recent testimonials from our franchises commercial clients.

Commercial Testimonial 1

Franchise Chem-Dry Kalliste
Client's Business Sector Business Services
Region South West
"I should like to offer this testimonial to John Minton of Chem-Dry Kalliste. John recently came into my store on a Saturdy afternoon after we had closed to clean our grubby carpets with his new truck mounted cleaning system. Given the pre-cleaning state of the carpets, the final result was remarkable, restoring the carpets to a nearly new state. Stains which had failed miserably to remove simply disappeared and there is now no evidence of tough-to-remove chewing gum".
"The end result is significantly better than it was the last time I had the carpets cleaned by someone else". That being the case, I would have no have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use Chem-Dry for carpet cleaning jobs".

Courtsey of Mr Howard Woodward - Director

Commercial Testimonial 2

Franchise Chem-Dry Leicester
Client's Business Sector Retail Sector
Region East Midlands
Following Chem-Dry Leicester's high quality of work carried out at our business premises, giving very high regard to customer care (polite/friendly) whilst also remaining value for money. The excellent results at our private premises speak for themselves, we look forward to working together in the near future. Courtsey of Mr Baines