Commercial Checklist

I need a flexible & reliable commercial carpet cleaner

With over 200 Franchisees ranging from one man operators to multi territory operations, we are able to offer great flexibility. Simply use the postcode locator on this website, to contact your local operator & discuss your requirements. Arrangements can often be made for evening or weekend cleaning work.

Each year Chem-Dry cleans over one billion square metres of carpet around the world, so you really can rely on Chem-Dry.

I’m in charge of more than one location

The Chem-Dry network covers every postcode, in the United Kingdom. Pick any town & Chem-Dry will have cleaned carpets & upholstery there before. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements & we will be happy to clean at multiple locations.

Closing my business for days, while carpets dry, is simply not an option

The patented Chem-Dry hot carbonation cleaning system, will leave most carpets touch dry within 1-2 hours of cleaning, maybe less, depending on your type of carpet. This guarantees less downtime & inconvenience for you and your customers. There aren't many commercial carpet cleaners within the industry, who can uphold and maintain these standards.

I’ve heard that carpets can be cleaned without any water at all, this sounds ideal

While a completely dry method of cleaning carpets sounds great, the reality is that water is a core product in all thorough cleaning processes. Showering, washing your hands, cleaning your car, mopping the floor, cleaning clothes in the washing machine & washing the pots after dinner, all require water for optimum results. However, our carbonated cleaning process uses as little as one fifth of the water used in other carpet cleaning methods, ensuring that your carpets dry faster.

Previous attempts at cleaning my carpets, left disappointing results.

Many of our competitors use shampoos & detergents that leave a sticky dirt attracting residues in your carpets. These residues act like a magnet to dirt & cause carpets to re-soil very quickly. The Chem-Dry method does not use any such products. In fact it has been scientifically proven that a carpet cleaned by Chem-Dry, re-soils slower than a brand new carpet.

Are any of your cleaning products dangerous to staff with allergies

All of our products are based on natural products & are guaranteed to be non allergenic. There are absolutely no detergents, bleaches or similar products used in our process. Products contents & the Chem-Dry environmental policy are available on request.

Do you sell any cleaning products that we can use ourselves?

Many of our products can only be applied with specific professional machinery and require experienced carpet cleaners to achieve the best results. However, we do supply a number of canned consumable products, which allow you to treat small spots & stains between our visits.

What happens if something goes wrong?

With our background of cleaning carpets & upholstery in commercial locations, for over 25 years, we are confident that our highly skilled technicians will delight you with their results & high service levels. However, for your peace of mind all of our Franchisees hold £5,000,000 of public liability insurance & give a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Aren’t all carpet cleaners pretty much the same?

The Chem-Dry method of cleaning was perfected over a number years at our US Headquarters. It was tried & tested before being launched in many other countries around the world. Our cleaning solutions are still manufactured by our parent company in the US & are only sold to Chem-Dry Franchisees. You quite literally, can not get the Chem-Dry cleaning experience from anyone else.

Make Chem-Dry your commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning supplier of choice

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