Carpet Cleaning

For carpet cleaning services with professional results, look no further than Chem-Dry.

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We now provide Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning.

Chem-Dry’s powerful cleaning product ‘The Natural’ is like no other. Our patented carbonating cleaning product gently but effectively lifts stains and dirt, dust and allergens to the surface and is used in combination with our state-of-the-art van-mounted cleaning system.

The service uses only a 1⁄5 to a 110 of the amount of water of other systems and has extremely powerful vacuum suction. This leaves you free to enjoy your living space knowing that you’re in a clean and healthy environment.

Your carpets will have a new lease of life, leaving behind no soapy dirt-attracting residue, no risk of shrinkage, and eliminating the risk of mould, mildew and bacteria.

Our comprehensive domestic carpet cleaning services are extensive – including the application of a specialist carpet deodoriser and sanitiser (banishing allergens such as mould spores, dust mites, pollen and pet odours).  We also offer a specialist stain removal service with exceptional stain-specific products.

It is often said that prevention is better than a cure, which is why we offer Chem-Dry Repel Protectant. This is an industry-leading protectant which repels liquid, dirt and dust, allowing spillages to be removed before a stain occurs.

Here at Chem-Dry our expert technicians provide professional carpet cleaning services throughout Harrogate, York and Leeds.

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