Coronavirus Cleaning

Cleanliness and hygiene have never been more vital for slowing the spread of COVID-19. Whether you have a need for general sanitisation, or a full deep clean of a potential biohazard, Chem-Dry are ready to help.

Contact our cleaning team today for COVID-19 cleaning on 01423 325 880.

We carry out domestic and commercial sanitising, utilising our decontamination and containment expertise. For clients across Harrogate, York and Leeds.

Commercial COVID-19 Cleaning

Should you require a commercial premises decontaminating, Chem-Dry are fully trained & equipped to help.

We are carrying out ULV Fogging with hospital grade sanitiser / disinfectant, and undertake a full deep Industrial clean. Following cleaning, we utilise our digital ATP Swab Testing equipment to ensure we meet industry cleanliness levels. Upon completion a certificate of sanitisation will be issued.

Contact us if your building, office or shop needs a deep clean on 01423 325 880.

Domestic COVID-19 Cleaning

If you have a concern that infection has entered your home or you just want peace of mind, Chem-Dry are on hand. We can carry out a general carpet & upholstery Clean / Sanitise service. Should you have a greater need we can deep clean your home and carry out ULV Fogging throughout to ensure total peace of mind. A digital swab test will be carried out to ensure cleanliness levels are met, and a certificate of sanitisation will be issued on completion.

Here at Chem-Dry, we are fully trained and equipped with the required personal protective equipment (PPE) and industry-standard equipment to ensure a thorough job that adheres to high health and safety standards.

Our bespoke cleaning service is designed and delivered on a case-by-case basis. Just some of the elements of our COVID-19 cleaning services will include:

  • A comprehensive site visit
  • A thorough risk assessment
  • ULV Fogging of Hospital Grade Sanitiser with a kill factor of 6 (99.9999%)
  • Extensive decontamination of the building & contents
  • Deep-clean and disinfection services
  • Responsible waste disposal and segregation to prevent cross-contamination
  • To ensure expected cleanliness levels, ATP hygiene swabs will be taken
  • Upon reaching expected cleanliness levels, a Certificate of Cleanliness will be issued

If you want a deep clean at your home, or business, give the cleaning team at Chem-Dry a call today on 01423 325 880.

Professional COVID-19 Cleaning Company

Established in 1988, Chem-Dry has grown to become one of the area’s leading cleaning companies. With a 24/7 response, we’re always available throughout this difficult time. We pride ourselves on a truly tailored service that is specific to the needs of your premises. Our team is always innovating to ensure our services are meeting the current needs – this flexible and dynamic approach has never been more important at this critical time.

To discover more about our professional COVID-19 cleaning services, contact our cleaning team today – we’re always happy to help.

Call us on 01423 325 880.

“Sanitisers attack enveloped viruses such as Covid-19 by disrupting the Lipid membrane that surrounds and protects the virus. This is similar to how soap and water work, but it allows sanitisers to be used on many different surfaces and locations. Once the Lipid membrane has disrupted, the virus breaks down and is no longer active or contagious.

Daily cleaning of frequently used and high touch point surfaces can be effective at making your home healthier. Cleaning and hospital-grade sanitiser application by Chem-Dry helps make your home cleaner and healthier by eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses.”

Please note: due to the rapid and unexpected development of Covid-19, Formula 429+ has not been specifically tested on the Covid-19 strain of Coronavirus but is NHS approved and proven effective against Tuberculosis, MRSA, Noro-virus, Feline Coronavirus, SARS, C. difficile, Escherichia coli Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus hirae, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Candida albicans, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Aspergillus niger, Salmonella typhimurium, Moraxella spp wild strain, Acinetobacter baumannii, Influenza A H1N1, Human Rotavirus, Campylobacter jejuni, Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus Surrogate.